Summer Cravings


I have a terrible tendency of not ever writing down/remembering how I put things together when it comes to culinary explorations. Summer resolution: Start.

After a delicious apple based salad at Five Leaves in Brooklyn yesterday, where I joined a friend for a late lunch, I was reminded of the many fresh flavors that make summer a season of fruit, herbs and texture.

Working solely with what I had in the kitchen I created, in my opinion, a perfect mix of earthy, spicy, creamy and crispy. I paired this salad with some chicken that was baked with a honey, orange juice and dill sauce.


3 medium sized radishes, rinsed

1 ruby red grapefruit

1/2 c. walnut pieces

3 tablespoons Greek yogurt (I strongly prefer Fage Total)

1- 5 oz package mixed baby greens (washed and drained)

1 tsp salt & 1 tsp pepper


1. Place mixed greens in large mixing bowl. Add Greek yogurt and salt and pepper. Toss until dispersed evenly. Refrigerate for 15 minutes.

2. Cut grapefruit so it is pith-free. This tutorial is great! Set aside.

3. Grate radishes. Chomp on the ends to avoid hurting your fingers 🙂 Set aside.

4. Arrange handful of mixed greens on plate. Top with walnuts and radishes. Add grapefruit segments.

5. Enjoy!

serves 4-6